Best Money Tips: Tax Secrets of the Rich

Rich man with tax secrets boarding private jet

Welcome to Wise Bread’s Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on tax secrets of the rich, ways to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, and household chores you should outsource.

Top 5 Articles

9 Tax Secrets of the Rich They Don’t Teach You Anywhere — Learn how to use income and expenses to reduce your tax burden. [Wallet Hacks]

8 Ways to Adopt a Zero-waste Lifestyle — It’s not easy to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle, but it is possible with a little dedication and some really good tips. [No Sidebar]

Stress Less: 6 Household Chores to Outsource — Outsource these time-consuming household tasks and reclaim some much-needed time for yourself! [Everything Finance]

How to Watch ESPN Without Cable: 10 Great Options to Consider — Need your sports fix on the cheap? Here are a few options to follow your favorite teams without ponying up for cable or satellite TV. [Frugal Rules]

Insider Tips For Saving Money on the Great Summer Road Trip — Accidents, construction, and road closures can happen on any route, but you’ll save time, gas, and patience by planning some backup routes just in case. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

The 5 advantages of selling your home for fast cash — There are a few benefits to finding a cash buyer to purchase your home instead of listing your home with a realtor. [Disease Called Debt]

How to Stock a Home Bar on a Budget — Booze tends to see the highest markup whenever you go out for food or drinks. If you’re deliberate and patient, you can stock up your home bar for a fraction of the price you would spend at a bar. [Money After Graduation]

How to Write a Professional Work Email — The lack of verbal cues can cause misunderstandings in emails. Use this simple guide to help you handle your electronic correspondences like a pro. [Daily Worth]

9 indestructible houseplants that purify the air — These nine houseplants will continue to purify the air in your space even if you neglect them. [Frugal and Thriving]

Post-crisis banking rules: now altered but not undone — Here’s what you need to know about the state of banking oversight and the economy today. [The Christian Science Monitor]

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