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At, we take online security seriously. That’s why we’re excited to offer users 15% off their first year of 1Password.

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With a dedicated password manager like 1Password, you can create and safely store strong passwords as well as store your private keys with just a few clicks — without even leaving your web browser. All you have to remember is a single password: the one for your 1Password account.

Store your password, along with your Private Keys and any other digital passwords you might have in a 1Password account.

Why password managers are important

Crypto scams are on the rise. Password managers can help reduce hackers accessing your account by adding an additional layer of security.

Features of a 1Password account

Get 15% off 1Password Families or 1Password Individual for 1 year and have access to:

  • Generate secure password, autofill usernames, passwords, forms, and one-time 2FA codes to sign in effortlessly.
  • Save and edit logins, financial account data, forms, and more directly from your browser.
  • Securely share items with anyone — even if they don’t use 1Password.
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and your web browser — 1Password works everywhere.

Whether it’s by simplifying logins, quickly filling out forms, or securely sharing passwords, 1Password gives you the freedom to be online the way you need to, knowing that your privacy, data, and loved ones are safe.

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